What is expected of the students

  • They should train diligently

  • They should support club activities, courses etc

  • They should keep finger and toe nails short and be aware of personal hygiene

  • They should wear no jewelry except wedding rings

  • They must respect their training partners both inside and outside the dojo, this respect and courtesy should be extended to anyone outside the dojo

  • They will only practice the technique(s) being taught

  • They must observe proper dojo etiquette

  • They shall not misuse any of the skills they are taught

  • They shall inform the instructor if they have a medical condition, if they are taking any medication, or if they are over 40. This is a safety requirement and is not in any way discriminatory. Particular medical conditions that should be declared are Asthma, Diabetes Epilepsy, heart conditions, high/low blood pressure and any blood disorders.