Ao Denkou Kai (ADK)

We are founder members of the Ao Denkou Kai which researches the use of original karate kata applications and how they relate to using the vital points of the human body for maximum effectiveness. This means that the karate we teach is geared towards practical self defence. The Ao Denkou Kai is run under the direction of Sensei Rick Clark, 9th Dan Ryukyu Kempo, 7th Dan Taekwondo Chung Do Kwan, 7th Dan JiuJitsu, 5th Dan Chinese Kempo, 4th Dan Judo, 3rd Dan Modern Arnis and 1st Dan Hapkido. Sensei Clark comes over from America yearly to personally teach selected students by means of arranged courses.

Ao Dentou Kai logo

The Ao Denkou Kai is an international association of martial artists dedicated to the study and advancement of Ao Denkou Jitsu under the leadership of Sensei Rick Clark.

The Ao Denkou Kai mission statement states:

Ao Denkou Jitsu is the study of vital point applications of traditional martial art techniques in theory and in practice. It uses the analysis of movements in forms to discern self-defense techniques by utilizing vital point strikes, locks, throws and other approaches that may not be obvious without careful study. It also includes the practice of complimentary techniques from a variety of martial arts in order to enhance the effectiveness of the art beyond that found in traditional forms.