The Tekki Kata comprise of 3 Kata, namely

Tekki Shodan – First level

Tekki Nidan – Second level

Tekki Sandan – Third level


Iron Horse

Also known as Naihanchi/Naifanchi/Naihanchin. – sideways fighting, inside fighting

Most traditions assert that the naifanchi kata were created by Bushi Matsumura, this may be true but it is also likely that some form of naifanchi predates Matsumura. Tradition also has it that Matsumura handed down only the first two forms and Itosu created the third. The original kata were performed in naihanchi-dachi or hachiji-dachi. Funakoshi standardised all three into a kiba-dachi presentation and renamed them Tekki, and is the most common way of practising the kata regardless of style. These are three short forms that have been used for hundreds of years, originating in Shuri. Apparently the Tomari form starts to the left instead of to the right as in the Shuri form.