The Heian Kata comprise of 5 Kata, namely

Heian Shodan – First level

Heian Nidan – Second level

Heian Sandan – Third level

Heian Yondan – Fourth level

Heian Godan – Fifth level


Peacefulness and tranquility, peaceful mind, serenity or security (Japanese reading)
Protect from harm or stay safe (Chinese reading) [Abernethy]

Also known as Pinan.


The Pinan kata were introduced by Itosu Anko, from about 1902 to 1907, in the Okinawan school district karate program. While Itosu may have used ideas from other kata such as Kusanku (Kankudai), it is known that Itosu switched the order of some of the older Channan kata’s techniques to come up with his final designs for the Pinan kata. However it is contended by some Okinawans that the first four predate Itosu and he only created the last one. Funakoshi in his own versions reversed the order of the first two kata in the series to place the simpler of the two first and renamed the Heian (using modern Japanese rather than the native Okinawa language). The name comes from a contraction of the term that is expressed in modern Japanese as heiwa-antei (peace and calmness)